2.58M BCE - 10.000 BCE | PALEOLITHIC

Out of Africa – hominization process and major climate changes; world of hunter-gatherers. Beginning of the settlement of the region. The main foci of human occupation coming from the African continent reached their peak between c. 200 000 BC and c. 30,000 BC Oct

10.300 BCE - 5.000 BCE | MESOLITHIC
Tagus Shell Middens

Mummified burial sites under shells, traditional West African mounds. The stature of these peoples was similar to that of the Twa (small stature) peoples of the Congo Basin.

A skeleton of an enslaved African from the modern age was found in Muge, who would have lived between the 17th and 18th centuries. Denoting some continuity of practice by enslaved African communities living in Portugal in the 17th and 18th centuries, preserving their values ​​and sociocultural identity. Seeking to maintain specific beliefs and traditions, since shells similar to those of Muge are used until today in West Africa.

12.000 BCE - 3.000 BCE - NEOLITHIC